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Love Warrior Mastery Classes

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Weekly Jedi Training Classes

Saturdays, 1-2:30pm.  Text 847-868-3111 to RSVP.

This is a weekly small group class facilitated by Tony,  Suitable for Lightworkers, Healers, Teachers, Students and Seekers in a mutually supportive atmosphere.  Explore 'I Am' Consciousness using multiple Psychosomatic therapy and Shamanic techniques.  Individual and group exercises, presentation of case studies, discussion and personal work opportunities are offered.  Requested Donation is $25 per class by anonymous donation.  No one turned away for ability to pay. 


Reiki Attunements: Levels 1,2,3 and Master Teacher - November 17 and 18

Join Reiki Master-Teacher Stuart Nemerov and Reiki Master-Teacher  Tony Holmes for a weekend of Energy Medicine. Usui Reiki Level 1 and 2 Attunements transferred Saturday, November 17th.  Level 3 and Master Teacher Attunements will be transferred on Sunday November 18th.  Certificates  available for both sessions with  additional transmissions of Shamanic Reiki and Chakra Teachings. Energy  Medicine Healing Techniques for teachers, healers, therapists, and  laypeople will be taught and practiced.

Saturday, November17th

Reiki 1--$111

Reiki 2 -- $ 222  Both sessions =$300

Sunday, November 18th

Reiki Master -- $333

Reiki Master Teacher --$411 

Combined Mastery-- $702


Monthly Shamanic Circle

Shamanic Intention Circle with Kimberly Kern! 

Sunday, October 21st, 5pm-7pm at The Love Warrior Studio

Intention Circles offer a special opportunity to connect with community and give and receive confidential support... What is shared in Circle stays in Circle.    If you've ever experienced dedicated support in a Circle, you know it is POWERFUL! 

Kim has been a licensed massage therapist and shamanic practitioner for over twenty years. She has apprenticed with shaman in multiple traditions in South America, Mongolia, and North American Lakota/Sioux. She is a Reiki Master, IET teacher, Crystal Healing Practitioner and Magnified Healing Teacher and has been passed the fire to be allowed to hold circle energies.

Requested anonymous love donation $5 with no one turned away.